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Beat the Heat!

Given that we’ve had a number of requests for a discussion on summer and/or heat sports safety, I had an ironic thing happen to me this week while on vacation in South Carolina. It was a beautiful sunny day and … Continue reading

To Play or Not to Play…..

With the NBA Finals in full swing I thought we’d take on a basketball topic for this week’s version of The 11 Blade.  The orthopedic injuries basketball players encounter are many, but they are certainly not as frequent as in … Continue reading

Golf Week at D1 Birmingham!

Today’s version of the 11 Blade will focus on golf in honor of the Regions Tradition, the Champions Tour Major event being held in Birmingham this week.   The Champions Tour is fantastic on so many levels. It allows us, … Continue reading

D1 Sports Medicine has “Gone Pink!”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month D1 Sports Medicine is “going pink” for October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which might cause one to wonder why an orthopedic sports medicine facility would be involved in this issue. Well, not … Continue reading

Achilles Tendon Ruptures; What is the Controversy?

Achilles Tendon Ruptures I’ve heard this a couple of times when encountering patients that have torn their Achilles tendons while playing football, basketball, or soccer.  The fact is, as we continue to be very active into our 30’s, 40’s, and … Continue reading

Biceps Tendon Ruptures – WARNING!

Biceps Tendon Ruptures (Warning- there are a few medical pictures in this one…if you have a weak stomach DO NOT scroll down) Well, we got a little off topic last month with the stretching video for Alabama Power (which was … Continue reading

Stretching…Does it really work?

Yes! But, probably not in the way we once thought it did – and the timing and type of stretches that athletes once did religiously have been mostly dropped in favor of more effective maneuvers.  Primarily, the preponderance of refereed … Continue reading

Total Shoulder Replacement; An Unnatural, but Good Solution

I tell patients with various orthopedic ailments every day, “It is my job to put the parts back together the way God intended them to be.”   What I mean scientifically is, restoration of normal human anatomy is the objective which … Continue reading

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“Avoid Surgery at all Cost” or “The Surgeon is the Enemy” This picture is from an ad run locally by chiropractors who clearly want to convince you that a man with a knife is always a dangerous thing.  As one … Continue reading

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Why an Infrared Light Cannot Heal Your ACL

“Your ACL can heal. You don’t “kneed” an operation.” I saw this comment on another website not so long ago. Sadly, this is almost universally and unequivocally wrong – at least the part about the ACL “healing.”  Whether or not … Continue reading

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