Nutritional Support for the Performance Athlete

May 25th, Birmingham, Alabama

Dr. Geoffrey Connor of D1 Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics will be addressing elite high school football prospects and their parents at the D1 Medical Campus in Birmingham, Alabama on important aspects of nutrition for the performance athlete. “How well do you understand the nutritional products that you or your student athletes are taking in?” asks Dr. Connor. “Invariably products from mainstream and mall stores have unknown quality, ingredients, and contaminants. Oftentimes, parents are ill-equipped to appropriately assess or understnad what their athletes are really taking or really need.  This can result in costly products that don’t help, or, worse, products that put the athletes eligibility at risk. We cover all of this as well as nutritional basics, like what athletes should be eating at their regular meals in these conversational seminars.”L1010187

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