Super Supplements?

In the next series of The 11 Blade we are going to be taking on nutritional supplements.  The good, the bad and the ugly. As an orthopedic surgeon specializing in the care of Division 1 and professional athletes I am often besieged with requests for an opinion on nutrition and supplements. As a rule, my paradigm in regards to this matter is generally that an athlete with an appropriately balanced natural caloric intake to match performance output will do every bit as well as an athlete on commercially manufactured protein and vitamin supplements.  Yet, I am not so naive as to think we can put the cows back into the barn when it comes to performance nutrition, so there should be a happy medium where an athlete gets the majority of their needs from completely natural sources and whole food materials, while back-filling nutritional needs with supplements and commercial products. Stay tuned.  We’ll be going over some basic rules of the road when approaching and/or selecting supplements and we’ll give some do’s and dont’s.  I will also provide you with some medical “secrets” that will save you a lot of money when visiting your local GNC (or whatever your chosen vendor).


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